Monday, October 18, 2010

Prevent Cancer Naturally

(Article first published as Lower the Chance of Cancer with Diet and Lifestyle Strategies on Technorati.)
The second leading cause of death in the US is largely preventable by correcting diet, environment and lifestyle. That is a bold statement considering that mainstream medicine offers very few concrete suggestions that explain the explosion in new cancer cases and natural ways to prevent this insidious killer. Cancer incidence has been on the rise over the past century as our diet and environment have shifted dramatically to the detriment of our health. Fortunately you can make the necessary changes that will dramatically lower your risk of cancer.

Cancer Will Affect Half of Americans During Their Life
According to the American Cancer Society your risk of developing an invasive cancer during your lifetime is 1 in 2, and your risk of dying from the disease is 1 in 4. Those are sobering statistics considering that many forms of cancer are the result of poor food choices over the course of our life and the never ending assault of household chemicals and toxins that we ingest, breathe or absorb through contact with the skin.

Cancer Progresses Due to Immune System Failure
As we age, our innate immune system begins to decline and cancer cells that were easily detected and destroyed earlier in life now avoid detection and begin to proliferate. We are exposed to a vast array of toxins that accumulate in our fat tissues over time and eventually reach a point where our immune system is no longer able to combat the overload and disease is allowed to progress. A lifestyle that minimizes chemical and toxic exposure from foods, household cleaners, polluted air and electromagnetic emissions is known to dramatically reduce cancer initiation.

Cancer Rates Not Always As High
Researchers have found that cancer has not always been as prevalent as it is today. The results of a study published in the journal Nature examined cancer prevalence back to the time of the ancient Egyptians and found that the disease was extremely rare. The study carried out medical examinations on the mummified remains of several hundred specimens and found that only two cases of cancer existed. You would expect many more incidences if cancer prevalence were similar to current trends.

Eat Fresh Vegetables, Limit Meat Consumption
More than any other factor, diet plays a determining role in the formation of many deadly cancers. Our modern diet derives more than a third of calories from meat consumption. Studies show that the risk of cancer in vegetarian populations is half that of those who eat meat on a regular basis. When meat is cooked, the fats come to the surface and are transformed into heterocyclic amines that give the meat a browned or blackened appearance. Heterocyclic amines are dangerous carcinogenic agents and raise the risk of many digestive cancers.

Fresh, organically grown vegetables and greens are packed with thousands of nutrients and phytochemicals which our body has evolved to use for protection against disease. A diet high in processed foods has been stripped of most of these critical compounds and provides only excess calories. Research demonstrates that plants are high in antioxidants that protect DNA from damage that lead to malignant transformation. Further, it’s been shown that plants contain nutrients that halt the formation of new blood supplies necessary for cancer cells to divide and grow.

Use Natural Household Cleaners, Avoid Cosmetics
Household chemicals present a significant threat to our health and promote cancer after decades of use. Many people believe that the chemicals in most cleaners and cosmetics are safe, or they wouldn’t be available for sale. Many of these components are considered ‘generally regarded as safe’ (GRAS) by the FDA, although most haven’t gone through the rigorous testing required to ensure safety. Read all labels and if you don’t recognize an ingredient or can’t pronounce it, chances are good it is detrimental to your health. Choose organically certified options and limit use as much as possible.

Cancer is a condition which proliferates largely due to poor diet and lifestyle habits. Research has shown that the disease was virtually nonexistent during the time of the Egyptians, and has increased dramatically over the last century due to the introduction of processed foods and environmental toxins. The risk of developing cancer can be slashed by adopting a natural, organic diet and eliminating household chemicals and hazards that jeopardize your health.

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