Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eliminate Toxic Chemicals to Assist Weight Loss

(Article first published as Environmental Toxins May Hinder Weight Loss Efforts on Technorati.)
Our body operates on a very delicate metabolic balance and is sensitive to the type of food we eat as well as the environment that surrounds us. Most of the processed foods in the typical diet are packed with artificial chemical enhancers that are viewed as toxins when they enter our digestion. In an effort to thwart toxic overload, we have evolved a highly sophisticated process of identifying and packaging these foreign particles for storage in our fat cells.

While this may help us to avert immediate damage, it leaves our metabolically active fat cells unable to send the proper signals to the brain that it’s time to stop eating. After many years of toxic storage our fat cells become resistant to our best weight loss efforts and the pounds pack on. Fortunately you can reverse the effects of chemical overload by improving your diet and avoiding common household and environmental substances.

The Path to Obesity Starts at an Early Age
Children who are raised on a refined and processed food diet void of natural vegetables and raw foods are at increased risk of becoming overweight and obese at an early age. Infants and young children are particularly sensitive to unnatural chemicals in food as well as household toxins in bath products, toothpaste and water. They begin to store excess toxins early in life and are much more susceptible to fat storage as they mature.

The results of a study published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives demonstrated that toxins ingested or absorbed by the mother are enough to induce excess fat storage in the baby even before birth. The infant children were shown to form fat as a defense mechanism against being poisoned by toxins. Most people understand the importance of nutrition on a developing fetus, but few consider the impact of supposedly harmless chemicals in our food and household that are considered ‘generally regarded as safe’ by the USDA.

Flushing Food Additives and Chemicals from Food and Water
Our food supply is riddled with chemicals that are used to enhance flavor, provide texture and preserve freshness. A growing number of food items are genetically modified to generate higher yield or for disease resistance. All of these factors result in a food supply that is not natural and erodes health along with our ability to lose weight.

As a toxic environment develops in a person, they become increasingly resistant to weight loss. Adopt a whole food diet consisting of fresh vegetables (uncooked to preserve the essential nutrients and enzymes), nuts, seeds and monounsaturated fats. Read all ingredient labels if you choose processed foods and avoid anything that you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce. Filter your water, especially from city sources to eliminate chlorine sanitizing agents.

Avoid Household Chemicals and Cosmetics
Household cleaners, bath products and cosmetics are all laced with toxic chemicals that we breathe or absorb from contact with the skin. These chemicals are immediately detected by our immune system and sent to the liver for disposal. Eventually the liver is overloaded and a secondary system ensues to pack the chemicals up with triglycerides and shuttle them to storage as body fat. Always choose organic based household cleaners and cosmetics that contain no artificial enhancers, coloring or emulsifiers.

Research has shown this it is possible to slowly lose weight so that toxins stored in your fat aren’t released too quickly. Nutrients such as chlorella latch onto the toxins as they’re released and usher them safely out of the body. Before beginning a weight loss regimen, first eliminate synthetic chemicals from your food and environment. This will make your road to weight loss much easier as you slowly improve you health and quality of life.

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