Monday, October 25, 2010

Is There a Genetic Link to Weight Loss Success?

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From an evolutionary perspective we are diverse, as many people can trace their lineage to different parts of the globe where their ancestors endured a distinct lifestyle, environment and diet. All of these factors play a part in determining the genetic makeup that we carry today. It’s not difficult to imagine that each of us has evolved to function optimally on a different type of diet based on the lives led by our ancestors over countless generations. Modern gene testing may provide answers as to which type of diet is best to help us achieve our weight loss goal.

Follow Your Genes to Weight Loss Success
The long standing question as to whether a low fat or low carbohydrate diet is best for weight loss may finally have been answered. The results of a study conducted at Stanford University show that dietary balance is important in the battle to lose weight. Two groups were placed on a calorie restricted diet consisting of either low fat or low carb foods, and DNA testing was performed to establish a compatibility profile. Researchers found that dieters eating a matched type diet were able to lose 13 pounds over the course of a year, compared with only 3 pounds for the mismatched group.

Genetic Destiny: Low Carb Diet
The results of this study are not without controversy, as some scientists argue that no test can determine the success of a weight loss strategy. To be certain, there are many factors that influence weight loss including diet, physical activity, lifestyle, stress, mindset and environment. And extensive research over the years has shown that a diet that excludes refined carbs is most likely to produce significant weight loss results, regardless of genetic composition. Protein and healthy fats are also important as they are more difficult to break down and increase resting metabolic rate.

Best Diet For Health
Another critical factor to consider is which type of diet is most healthy. The standard low fat diet prescribed by the medical profession is notoriously high in carbohydrates and deficient in Omega-3 and monounsaturated fats that are necessary for heart and brain health. High carb foods cause blood sugar rushes that raise oxidative stress and free radical production. This leads to metabolic syndrome, diabetes and accelerated aging. A diet consisting of 80% raw vegetables, leafy greens, nuts, seeds and only 20% cooked foods provides the necessary nutrients and enzymes needed to promote health and fight disease.

The idea of genetic testing to determine who may benefit most from different foods in an effort to encourage weight loss is an interesting concept that requires more research before it can used to reliably predict success. Everybody is coded with a different genetic build and some people may be able to better metabolize carbs, fats and protein based on evolved heritage. The fact remains that the vast majority of people will achieve optimal health and successful weight loss by following a whole diet that includes plenty of foods eaten in their natural state.


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