Monday, February 6, 2012

Green Vegetables Alter Gene Expression to Lower Chronic Disease Risk

The Chinese have known for countless generations that the food we eat directly controls our health. Ancient Greeks postulated that food should be considered a medicine, as powerful as any healing method or concoction available during that time period. Until quite recently, western intelligence was dismally unaware that the quality of our diet is immediately reflected in the chronic diseases we manifest and quality of life as well.

An international team of scientists, led by researchers at McMaster and McGill universities have published a new body of research in the journal PLoS Medicine to demonstrate the potent effect of a diet filled with fresh greens and fruits on our genetic expression. Scientists confirm that eating the proper diet holds the key to cardiovascular health for millions of at-risk individuals.

Genetic Predisposition to Heart Disease Blunted by Plenty of Vegetables and Fruits
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in western civilizations, so the news of an inexpensive and natural lifestyle change to prevent heart disease should make international headlines. Most otherwise enlightened people will never hear about the result of this research and continue to eat a nutritionally defunct diet that promotes cardiovascular disease and an early death. Simple changes in macronutrient consumption are now shown to pay significant benefits to human health with no side effects other than increased lifespan.

Researchers conducting one of the largest gene-diet interaction studies on cardiovascular disease analyzed a cohort of more than 27,000 individuals across multiple ethnicities. Dr. Jamie Engert, joint principal investigator of the study from McGill University explained "We know that 9p21 genetic variants increase the risk of heart disease for those that carry it", echoing the result of a past discovery showing that the gene is a strong marker for heart disease and can actually be modified by generous amounts of fruit and raw vegetables from dietary sources.

Vegetables Stimulate Chemical Messengers to Alter Genetic Expression to Lower Chronic Disease Risk
After an analysis of the effect of diet on the risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers determined that individuals with the high risk genotype who consumed a prudent diet, composed mainly of raw vegetables, fruits and berries, had a similar risk of heart attack to those with the low risk genotype. Lead author of the study Dr. Ron Do noted "Our research suggests there may be an important interplay between genes and diet in cardiovascular disease.”

Forward-thinking practitioners have known for more than a quarter century that diet and heart disease are closely linked, although the focus was inadvertently placed on dietary fat avoidance. Researchers have confirmed that many fats eaten in their natural, cold-pressed form are essential for vibrant health.

Evidence continues to mount confirming the profound health benefits of vegetables and fruits eaten at the peak of freshness. The authors of this important work conclude "The risk of MI (myocardial infarction) and CVD (cardiovascular disease) conferred by Chromosome 9p21 SNPs appears to be modified by a prudent diet high in raw vegetables and fruits." Be sure to include ten or more servings of greens each day to dramatically cut heart disease risk.

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Green vegetables a part of you and your family's diet. They are chockfull of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that simply cannot be copied by any other food source.